Easy Way to Learn Math

Here is as easy way to learn Math for school going kids.Procure a set of text books of high school and secondary classes. Take a note pad and a pen. Write a problem.  Identify the topic. List out a rough procedure for solving the problem. Refer the text books for related concepts and necessary tools and formulas. Attempt to solve the problem.

If you cannot solve, search for more tools or formulas. Still if you don’t get it, refer the text book for similar worked out problems. Write another similar problem and solve with the tools which you have used in the previous case. Continue like this for different types of problems. These are the few steps to learn Math in an easy way.

Every Math problem has related concepts either in the same level or in the lower level. The difficulty faced by any student is recalling the concepts which he or she had learned at a lower level.  Due to lack of practice, those vital concepts could be buried at the bottom of the memory line. It is similar to recognizing an old friend of yours whom you meet after a gap of few years. The moment you get a clue about your friend, you become smart to narrate each and every moment spent by you together. Similarly, your forgotten Math concepts also could be recalled by probing into some of its attributes and relating to some anecdotes which you had encountered while learning these concepts.

Once you chalked out the concepts to be applied to solve a problem, go ahead cracking the problem. You may not succeed at the first attempt. Don’t be disheartened. Try again till you succeed. You will develop an interest to do more problems after solving few problems. You will also try to know more concepts or refresh the concepts already learned. At this stage, you will forget everything except Math. You will attain a state of ecstasy over the subject!


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